• Welcome to the Athlete Advantage
    Get a mentor. Get work experience. Get ready for your career
  • Welcome to the Athlete Advantage
    Are you ready for life after sport?
  • Welcome to the Athlete Advantage
    Secure your future. Plan ahead.
  • Welcome to the Athlete Advantage
    A dual career improves performance.
  • Welcome to the Athlete Advantage
    Find passion and purpose outside of sport.

The Athlete Advantage is an independent, personalised and interactive online program that supports athletes with their wellbeing, performance and career-readiness.

The Athlete Advantage Program includes:

  1. Tailored online learning in career development and mental wellbeing
  2. Ongoing structured 1:1 support with a personal coach
  3. A mentor in the athlete’s field of interest
  4. A work experience placement

Here's How it Works

For Athletes
For Sporting Orgs

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Created by the founders of Crossing the Line Sport and The Final Whistle, The Athlete Advantage is delivered by former athletes, psychologists and career development experts with more than three decades of collective experience in the field.

We’ve listened to and learned from what current and former athletes say they need, and responded with a program that reflects the challenges of both elite performance and life after sport.

While a lot of athletes are enthusiastic about their careers beyond sport, many don’t know where to focus their energy or how to transfer their skills to the workforce. Recruitment agencies report that they can easily place athletes in jobs but around 50% don’t make it past probation.

The Athlete Advantage works on a deeper level with athletes, to discover what they want to do after sport and how best they can prepare for it. The blend of online learning and structured 1:1 coaching offers both flexibility and focus, which is enhanced by real-life mentoring and work experience opportunities.

Whether just starting out, in the midst of competing or recently retired, The Athlete Advantage helps athletes:

  • Explore career opportunities
  • Hone their transferable skills
  • Develop a portfolio of useful career resources
  • Strengthen their wellbeing and resilience.

Athletes are then ready to tackle a life after sport that is tailored specifically to them.

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