Meet The Athlete Advantage coaches: Andrew McDermott

Andrew McDermott’s football career began at 18 when he moved from Sydney to England to sign for Queens Park Rangers in the English Premier League. All up, Andrew played professionally for nine years, in the Championship and 1st Division in England, the Scottish Premier League and the NSL in Australia. 

Andrew decided to pursue a new career at 27 and took a job as a Real Estate Agent. Fast forward 16 years and he owns an office employing 16 people.

Passionate about athlete coaching and welfare

As an executive member of the Professional Footballers Association, Andrew is passionate about the welfare of athletes. 

“My experiences have given me a great understanding of the fears, emotions and challenges that athletes experience during and after their sporting careers,” says Andrew. 

“Athletes have skills and qualities that make them great employees and entrepreneurs. The most rewarding aspect of coaching is supporting them as they unlock this potential.” 

Jumping from the isolation of the sporting world to the wider community can be daunting and paralysing for athletes. 

“The Athlete Advantage helps athletes identify the immense skills they possess,” Andrew says. “Once identified, these skills help the athlete build a bridge from their sporting life into their future.”

To work with Andrew, or any of our other coaches, on preparing for your life after sport, head to and get started today.

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