Meet The Athlete Advantage coaches: Gearoid Towey

Gearoid Towey rowed for the Irish Olympic Team at the Sydney 2000, Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. He is a former World Champion in the Lightweight Pair and bronze medallist in the Lightweight 4-, 2x and 4x. He won the gold medal in the U23 Lightweight single in 1996 and the Australian Championship in 2001. He is also an Ocean Rower and participated in the Atlantic Rowing Race in 2006.

Gearoid is co-founder and MD of The Athlete Advantage, as well as founder of Crossing the Line Sport, an organisation where athletes can share their stories and receive expert advice and information on mental health, wellbeing and transitioning to the next stage of their career.

“I am an entrepreneur at heart,” says Gearoid. “I’ve run three successful businesses but I’ve also made plenty of mistakes along the way! I’ve discovered what works and what doesn’t work, which puts me in a great position to help athletes discover what their next path will be.” 

Supporting athletes through coaching and connections

Gearoid is passionate about helping athletes connect with the right people, look at things from a different angle and put stepping stones in place for life after sport. 

“Coaching athletes in this area is very satisfying. I enjoy working with athletes who get excited about their prospects outside of sport, put a plan in place and realise that their performance in sport improves as a result.

“That’s where the value lies in TAA - we support athletes to set goals and then develop solid processes to achieve those goals. It is very like their sporting life in that way. Plus, they have the guidance of a great coach and the choice of some amazing mentors from our network.”

To work with Gearoid, or any of our other coaches, on preparing for your life after sport, head to and get started today.

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