Dr Kirsten van Heerden takes a look at the identity crisis that so many athletes face when retiring, and how that can affect their self-worth.
by: Dr Kirsten van Heerden
Neither the particular sport nor an athlete’s gender make someone immune from mental health concerns.
by: John Affleck
With a coaching and psychology career spanning more than 25 years, Rene Poulos is The Athlete Advantage's registered psychologist and Head Coach.
by: The Athlete Advantage
Athlete retirement is an ongoing process with no clearly defined end point. To successfully transition to life after sport, it's essential to prepare.
by: Gearoid Towey
Moving into a life beyond sport – whether intentionally or through injury – can be a very complex process that tests the resolve of many athletes.
by: Gearoid Towey
Unprecedented travel restrictions and event cancellations due to Covid-19 pose challenging times for athletes. Here's how to stay focused and get ahead.
by: Gearoid Towey
Seeking professional help for poor mental health isn’t easy, especially for elite athletes in times of transition. Murray’s example is a powerful lesson: don't do it alone.
by: Paul Gorczynski
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