Want to Mentor an Athlete?

As part of The Athlete Advantage, athletes take part in a mentoring program, called M2. If you'd like to mentor an athlete, we'd love to hear from you!

Athlete mentoring programs often fail because they are viewed as a one-way street from mentor to athlete. The M2 mentoring program is different, because we view it as an exchange.

Our mentors build trusted 1:1 relationships with the athletes, providing support, encouragement and guidance as the athlete navigates towards or through life after sport. 

As a high-level performer in your industry, you have enormous amounts of useful experience, tools and techniques. You will provide the athletes with valuable insights into areas of the working world they are most interested in, while also helping them hone their transferable skills. 

As an Athlete Advantage mentor, you'll have a unique opportunity to be part of an athlete’s sporting journey and help them reach their full potential in life after competitive sport.

Through the exchange of experiences and knowledge, you'll gain valuable insights into the psychology and skills of an elite athlete, which you can hopefully apply to your own working lives.

We hope you will learn as much from the athlete as they will learn from you.

We’re always on the lookout for new mentors - from former athletes, to CEOs, to entrepreneurs. 

For more information about how you can become an Athlete Advantage mentor, get in touch with our mentoring coordinator Rosie, at Rosie@theathleteadvantage.com.

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