Meet The Athlete Advantage coaches: Greg Mumm

Greg Mumm is a career education and athlete transition expert, with a background in elite level sport coaching. He spent 10 years as a professional rugby coach at all levels, from school to international, including assisting Fiji at both the 2007 and 2011 Rugby World Cups.

The challenges Greg experienced around balancing career and study decisions with sport, lead him to co-found career development company CareerHQ and start athlete transition organisation The Final Whistle. As well as working as a coach, Greg is also co-founder of The Athlete Advantage. 

Coaching athletes for a confident future

Through his journey with injury, education, coaching and business, Greg has developed a deep understanding of athletes, sporting and educational organisations, and life after sport. 

“There is nothing like the feeling of walking out onto the field or to the starting line and knowing that you have prepared really well and are capable of achieving great things,” says Greg. 

“That’s how the TAA program helps athletes feel about life after sport. Athletes have such great transferable skills; when they do the work and prepare for transition, they go from apprehension to inspiration to confidence about what they can achieve.”

The most rewarding part of coaching for Greg is providing a safe space for athletes to believe they can be even better in the future. 

“Whether it is in their current athletic performance, or their aspirations for life after sport, I love providing athletes with the confidence that the future holds good things,” he says. 

To work with Greg, or any of our other coaches, on preparing for your life after sport, head to and get started today. 

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