Meet The Athlete Advantage coaches: Rene Poulos

Rene Poulos is The Athlete Advantage's registered psychologist and Head Coach. With a coaching and psychology career spanning more than 25 years, Rene has deep expertise in educational, vocational, career and personal counselling. 

Rene’s particular interest lies in understanding and promoting athlete wellbeing and resilience, which led her to work in the High-Performance Sports sector, supporting athletes with their holistic development in life-sport balance, wellbeing, career longevity and transition.

As well as her significant tenure at TAFE, Rene has worked for the NSW Institute of Sport, the Australian Sports Commission, the Australian Institute of Sport’s Mental Health Referral Network and Crossing the Line.

Coaching athletes to explore different pathways

Rene is passionate about assisting athletes to explore different pathways and career development programs, and how these relate to their values, interests, skills, ethics, story and brand.

“Athletes face a variety of transitions throughout their sporting pathways and post-sport study and career.” says Rene. “By helping them understand the broad range of opportunities available to them across education providers and industries, they will hopefully develop a lifelong love of learning and career development.”

"The most valuable thing about the TAA Program is that it connects athletes with often difficult and challenging transition issues in ways that lead to personal insight."

“This expands the possibilities for their future and their ability to achieve significant life outcomes,” Rene says.

To work with Rene, or any of our other coaches, on preparing for your life after sport, head to and get started today.

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