Become a WorkX Provider

We partner with a variety of organisations to offer work experience placements to athletes as part of The Athlete Advantage WorkX Program. 

The TAA Program prepares athletes for the workforce through a robust online learning and practical career development, driven by 1:1 coaching. WorkX is the final part of the Program, with athletes spending two or four weeks in an organisation, gaining work experience in their chosen field.

Our athletes are all elite performers and range from Olympic medalists to professional players to university scholarship holders. Athletes have a broad range of transferable skills that see them excel in the workplace. They show high levels of focus, commitment and self-direction, and perform well under pressure and to deadlines.

Our WorkX providers nominate an area of the business where they need most assistance and/or feel an athlete would gain the most benefit from the placement. Placements are ideally project-based, or can include a rotation through different teams.

We will then match a suitable athlete with your organisation from our database of “career ready” individuals. The work experience placements could result in a job-ready candidate, available to slot right into a role or in a lasting connection with an alumni of Athlete Advantage athletes.

We offer a range of work placements to our athletes, from two weeks full time, to one day a week over 10 weeks.

For more information about how you or your organisation can become a WorkX placement provider, contact

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